Distributed Hash Table File System for Linux

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Should I pay for Magma?

Damn, no! Magma is free software released under GPL v.2! Free means both you don't have to pay for it and also you can download full source code and have right to read, compile, modify and reuse the code inside Magma, provided that you will notice that your work has been derived from Magma and you'll release derived work under GPL license. For more informations about GPL, please refere to GNU license page site.

Magma can work with other unices?

Yes and no. Magma is a client/server software. Server can be used virtually on any UNIX implementation. Client (the mounter binary) is based on libfuse which is a dedicated library to access filesystems with userspace tools. libfuse works only on Linux kernels (actually even on BSD). But magma will provide even a NFS interface (version 2, so far) to allow traditional Unices to connect. NFS interface will conform to specifications and will lack dedicated features like cryptographic layer.

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