Distributed Hash Table File System for Linux

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Contact me

You can send me an email at tx0 -at- strumentiresistenti -dot- org.

Contribute to Magma developement

Magma is a free software project hosted on GNA.org. Contributing source code is as simple as creating a GNA.org account and asking me for all the odd details being satisfied.

If you have just an occasional patch and just want to see your code being part of Magma, send me an e-mail with your patch. You'll find my address on bottom of this page.

Donate to help developement of Magma Network FileSystem

Magma is Free Software. If you need it, just grab it and use it. Enjoy!

Inasmuch, Free Software does not teleport on Earth from Unknown Deep Space. A strange and funny creature called the Coder writes source, compiles it and bugfixes it night and day.

Well, even if coders are strange and cozy people, who's living in small, chaotic rooms, eating square food and drinking bubbling liquids of uncertain origins (that one for sure is coming from deep space), they anyhow need money for other things.

To help Magma developement, please donate using PayPal. It's easy and comes from Deep Space too, ensuring a lot of bubbles and strong security. Just click on button below.

Thank you very much for your support!

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