Distributed Hash Table File System for Linux

parseargs.c File Reference

#include "magma.h"


void usage (char *msg)
void parse_args (int argc, char **argv)


char * progname
uint16_t debug
int port
char * nickname
char * servername
char * ipaddr
char * hashpath
int bandwidth = DEFAULT_BANDWIDTH
int storage = DEFAULT_STORAGE
int bootstrap = 1
char * bootserver
int bootport
char * secretkey
int single_thread = 0

Function Documentation

void parse_args ( int  argc,
char **  argv 

magmad command line parsing code

argc number of command line arguments
argv vector of command line arguments

void usage ( char *  msg  ) 

print an usage message, describing magmad command line options

msg pointer to a string to be added at the end of usage() output

Variable Documentation

int bandwidth = DEFAULT_BANDWIDTH

Declared bandwidth

int bootport

Remote boot server port used if bootstrap is false

char* bootserver

Remote boot server address used if bootstrap is false

int bootstrap = 1

If true, this node should bootstrap a new network, if false this node should join an existing one

uint16_t debug

debug mask

char* hashpath

Local storage directory

char* ipaddr

String rappresentation of internet address of this node

char* nickname

Node short name

int port

Internet port passed on command line

char* progname

the name magmad was invoked with

char* secretkey

Secret key used to join a network

char* servername

Fully Qualified Domain Name of this node

int single_thread = 0

if true operate without spawning threads (not respected everywhere

int storage = DEFAULT_STORAGE

Declared storage

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