Distributed Hash Table File System for Linux

Todo List

Global magma_save_acl_file
Still to be coded! (empty function)

Global actual_load
Actually unused. Replaced by load_on_node() ??

Global manage_overload
Still to be written.

Global magma_network_loop
Using a better threading mechanism will provide better performances. New incoming connections should be placed in a queue and serviced by pre started threads. When changing this, change also garbage collector.

Global magma_read
Is present a test to ensure that flare is a regular one?

Global magma_rename
So far magma uses a typical errno (EXDEV) which means cross link rename to refuse renaming a flare, since that can involve up to four magma nodes. Can be changed in the future...

Global magma_rmdir
Is there a test to ensure it's a directory flare?

Global magma_truncate
There is a check to ensure this flare is a regular one?

Global magma_write
Is present a test to ensure that flare is a regular one?

Global magma_destroy_flare
Why 0 on success? Should be better 1 on success!

Global magma_dir_is_empty
If this check is used while doing a "rmdir" should it return 0 if even if only "." and ".." are listed? Please verify.

Global magma_get_flare_inode
this function should still be coded!!!

Global magma_grow_directory
Why errno is not set accordingly to return value?

Global magma_init_flare_on_disk
check errno in this function, it's not always set.

Global magma_load_flare
Please check if errno is always set accordingly

Global magma_touch_flare
set errno also if flare == NULL

Global key_difference_by_char
unused code to be removed?

Global move_key
unused code!!
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