Distributed Hash Table File System for Linux

protocol_node.c File Reference

#include "magma.h"




int join_network (char *ipaddr, int port)
int node_join_network (int s)
int node_transmit_node (int s)
int node_get_key (int s)
int node_drop_key (int s)
int node_put_key (int s)
void manage_node (int s, struct sockaddr_in *peer, socklen_t *peer_len)

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Function Documentation

int join_network ( char *  ipaddr,
int  port 

join the net syncing from specified node ipaddr and port.

ipaddr string rappresentation of remote server IP address
port remote server port
result can be safely ignored since exit(N) is called in case of failure.

void manage_node ( int  s,
struct sockaddr_in *  peer,
socklen_t *  peer_len 

manages an incoming node connection.

s network socket
peer remote peer IP address
peer_len size of *peer structure

int node_drop_key ( int  s  ) 

int node_get_key ( int  s  ) 

int node_join_network ( int  s  ) 

int node_put_key ( int  s  ) 

int node_transmit_node ( int  s  ) 

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