Distributed Hash Table File System for Linux

magma_DIR Struct Reference

#include <magma_flare_types.h>

Data Fields

unsigned char binhash [SHA_DIGEST_LENGTH]
uint32_t read
off_t offset
uint8_t modified
uid_t uid
gid_t gid

Detailed Description

directory pointer (same role of libc DIR* type)

Field Documentation

unsigned char magma_DIR::binhash[SHA_DIGEST_LENGTH]

binary hash of pointed flare

magma_flare_t* magma_DIR::dir

directory pointed to

gid_t magma_DIR::gid

gid of the directory handler

uint8_t magma_DIR::modified

mark if directory has been modified and should be saved or not

off_t magma_DIR::offset

actual offset. read and write operation will be performed on memory address which is dir->item.dir->pages + offset

uint32_t magma_DIR::read

internal counter for reading operations

uid_t magma_DIR::uid

owner of the directory handler

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