Distributed Hash Table File System for Linux

magma_acl_t Struct Reference

#include <magma_flare_types.h>

Data Fields

struct in_addr ip
struct in_addr mask
char * path
char operations_allowed
uint16_t line
struct magma_acl * prev
struct magma_acl * next

Detailed Description

Each ACL is defined as follow:


where: SHARE is the path of the share to which this ACL applies ADDRESS is an IP address or a netaddress with a netmask PATH is the path this rule applies to OPERATIONS is one of "n", "r" or "w" ("w" implies "r") n: nothing r: read w: write

Each SHARE can have as many rules as needed. For example:

 /users: / w /root n

refers to share "/users" which is exported read/write to all subnet, with the exception of path "/root" which is not accessible to any node of the network.

Field Documentation

struct in_addr magma_acl_t::ip [read]

struct in_addr magma_acl_t::mask [read]

struct magma_acl* magma_acl_t::prev [read]

struct magma_acl* magma_acl_t::next [read]

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