Distributed Hash Table File System for Linux

magma_node_t Struct Reference

#include <vulcano.h>

Data Fields

char ip_addr [MAX_IP_LENGTH]
uint16_t port
struct in_addr inaddr
char * node_name
char * fqdn_name
char * bootserver
char * secretkey
char * hashpath
int bandwidth
int storage
int socket
long double load
char start_key [SHA_DIGEST_LENGTH *2+1]
char stop_key [SHA_DIGEST_LENGTH *2+1]
char resize_start_key [SHA_DIGEST_LENGTH *2+1]
char resize_stop_key [SHA_DIGEST_LENGTH *2+1]
char redundant_start_key [SHA_DIGEST_LENGTH *2+1]
char redundant_stop_key [SHA_DIGEST_LENGTH *2+1]
struct magma_node * prev
struct magma_node * next
pthread_mutex_t * mutex

Detailed Description

next magma_struct rappresents this node and is publicly available to all code

Field Documentation

char magma_node_t::ip_addr[MAX_IP_LENGTH]

struct in_addr magma_node_t::inaddr [read]

long double magma_node_t::load

char magma_node_t::start_key[SHA_DIGEST_LENGTH *2+1]

char magma_node_t::stop_key[SHA_DIGEST_LENGTH *2+1]

char magma_node_t::resize_start_key[SHA_DIGEST_LENGTH *2+1]

char magma_node_t::resize_stop_key[SHA_DIGEST_LENGTH *2+1]

char magma_node_t::redundant_start_key[SHA_DIGEST_LENGTH *2+1]

char magma_node_t::redundant_stop_key[SHA_DIGEST_LENGTH *2+1]

struct magma_node* magma_node_t::prev [read]

struct magma_node* magma_node_t::next [read]

pthread_mutex_t* magma_node_t::mutex

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