Distributed Hash Table File System for Linux

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Magma uses some external libraries, which are:

Other features are imported by libc which is available as -dev package in every distribution. NFS code is included in GNU libc, so there's no need to download anything from Sun.


Magma uses autotools, so compiling it it's just a matter of:

$ ./configure [options]
$ make
$ make install

configure script allows to customize build. Excluding common options (like --prefix), let's see Magma specific ones.

--enable-nfs-interface enables NFS interface build. Magma will not build NFS interface unless explicitly required.

--enable-pkt-dump is an old debugging switch to inspect all trafic between server and client. Uses a lot of disk space and slow down operations. Not for the final user.

--enable-debug-stderr uses stderr instead of syslog to report server activity. Note that client mounter and magma server will not fork in the background if log is compiled on stderr and debug mask is not null.

--enable-debug-free double check each free() call. In source code, some objects are marked by unfreeable() macro which stores object address in a linked list. A macro reimplementation of free() is than used to first check if object is not in this list and then unallocate it. This is a simple memory debugger which works correctly just for objects which never change position (are never realloc()ated).

--disable-garbage-collector will disable the internal garbage collector. This is only a debug feature and should not be used by the final user. If garbage collector is disabled, flare will be removed instantly and finished threads will stay allocated forever.

--enable-profiler enables use of gprof. This option includes --enable-debugger.

--enable-debugger enables use of gdb by inserting debug symbols.

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