Distributed Hash Table File System for Linux

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NEWS :: magma 0.0.20070430 released on SVN

Some important bug fixes:

1. some missing close() calls caused magamad to exhaust available file descriptors

2. a misplaced +1 inside directory allocation inside magma_opendir() caused directories to grow by 4K (!!!) every time a directory was opened for reading.

Magmad performed correctly for over 45 minutes transferring and storing 950M of /usr/lib/ on my 900MHz Athlon laptop, creating a 1.2G storage area correctly containing all the files.

Next thing to do is cache clearing. Code will be implemented in magma_search_after_node() call. Some (misplaced!) code is already in place. Should go after recursive call of magma_search_after_node() before returning resulting node.

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