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NEWS :: magma 0.0.20070806 released on SVN

Many many bug got fixed and a lot of important stuff entered.

First of all: FUSE protocol were rewritten using symbolic names for macro, allowing better comprehension of code. New macros also care for byte order conversion, even for 64 bit integers. (conversion should still be tested on different platforms)

magma_get_directory_border() became macro get_directory_border() and was optimized using internal calculations instead of lstat() call.

xnetstrcpy() was obsoleted by new functions cnetstrcpy() and cnetstrsend(). cnetstrsend() sends string length before sending string contents, and cnetstrcpy() gets contents according to heading counter. String buffer is dynamically allocated.

Issue in flare->st.st_blocks and flare->st.st_blksize has been solved. Now du and ls return same output about file size.

Debug code has been cleaned of useless statements.

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